Why reposcore?

Protect Your Project

Using components without checking their quality can lead to severe risks. Make sure the component you are going to use meets your quality policy.

Time Is Money

Checking dozens of indicators manually before using a repository, takes ages and can be quite cumbersome. We help you to check all relevant ones within seconds.

Holistic Analysis

Looking at technical indicators (e.g. code coverage) is not sufficient. We include non-technical indicators in our score to provide a holistic rating.

Badges Badges Badges!

Show others how awesome your repository is. Add a badge showing your reposcore directly in your readme.

Scientific Algorithms

We use scientifically proven algorithms to make sure the score we calculate for your repository is sustainable and accurate.


Analyze trends of each score to take a glimpse into the future. Is quality getting better or worse?

How do you assess maturity?

You discover an awesome project on GitHub that you have never heard of before. What do you check, to make the decision wether you are going to use it?
Stars? Open Issues? License? Date of last commit?

Even if you answered now ‘all of them!’, you only scratched the surface. A holistic assessment is not a matter of minutes, it takes hours to days. Reposcore provides you with a fully automated solution to do the same in seconds.

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