Frequently Asked Questions

What is reposcore?

Reposcore is an online service that continuously checks the maturity of GitHub repositories. The assessment is summarized in a master score called reposcore that allows you to benchmark different repositories and choose the right ones for your needs.

Who should use reposcore?

Reposcore is being developed for open source enthusiasts who want to identify mature repositories on GitHub, for open source professionals who want to continuously track the quality of public repositories, and for company employees who want to govern the quality of their public and private corporate repositories. Repository owners add the reposcore badge (available soon) to their files to show the repository performance to users.

How is the reposcore derived?

The reposcore is continuously calculated for each repository individually based on several sub-scores. The sub-scores are derived from scientific literature or other sources and represent crucial process areas related to software quality. Hence, various functional and non-functional standards are reflected in the reposcore.

Which sub-scores are considered?

The reposcore takes the a variety of sub-scores into account e.g. activity, popularity. Each sub-score is calculated based on indicators of the respective process area and derived from various sources like GitHub, bing, and others.

Do I benefit from updates and feature enhancements automatically?

Yes. All scores are frequently re-calculated based on the most recent version of our algorithm.

Can I join the development of feature enhancements?

Potentially yes. Please contact us.

How can I provide feedback?

We aim to continuously improve our service based on your feedback! Please provide your feedback here. Thanks!

How do I sell reposcore to my boss?

That’s an easy sell. Your boss is concerned about team motivation, team capacity, and speed. Instead of wasting precious time working on a rotten repository, reposcore guides you through the jungle and identifies the right projects for you. There has never been a better return on invest. Propose reposcore to your boss - she will love it!

I need a unique score. Can you support this?

Yes. Please contact us and explain your demands.