The Process Score

The process score evaluates how professionally software is developed in the repository. Are state-of-the-art techniques applied? Does the methodology follow best practices? As a contributor repositories with a high score allow you to concentrate on coding. The degree of automation is high. You find yourself in a modern development environment. The flipside of the coin is that you must obey the process rules of the project. There are restrictions concerning coding to ensure that the automation pipelines do not brake. As a user you appreciate a high score. High automation and process maturity often go along with good quality.

The process maturity score takes the following indicators into account:

  • GitHub: CI/CD pipeline defined in file
  • GitHub: issue templates defined
  • GitHub: PR templates defined
  • GitHub: # of bots active
  • GitHub: Ratio of reviewed vs. direct commits (Reviews via PRs vs unreviewed changes)
  • GitHub: Branch Policies active
  • GitHub: Average time an issue remains open
  • GitHub: Ratio of issues getting closed by PRs
  • GitHub: Whether stale issues get closed
  • GitHub: Average time to merge a pull request
  • Git: Commit message length
  • Git: Percentage of empty / filler-word commit messages
  • Git: Percentage of commit messages referencing a PR or Issue

All indicators are retrieved from GitHub and Git.

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