Our Pricing Plans are Simple …

Some people enjoy an extensive shopping tour. Checking out new stores. Browsing through the offer. Resting with a cup of coffee. Restarting the tour with a good friend. Well. Others don’t. They need very few options, a transparent offering that is tailored to their needs, and a fair price. For them, we developed our pricing plans.

We offer three options which are tailored to the specific needs of our three main customer groups.

  1. The Basic Plan is designed for Open Source Enthusiasts. It provides the main features of reposcore for private use at a reasonable price.
  2. The Premium Plan targets Professionals who spent significant effort on GitHub and in related projects. This plan offers additional features and guided improvements to improve the score.
  3. The Platinum Plan addresses the needs of Power Users who work in a commercial context. This plan assesses also private repositories and offers superb refreshment rates.

If you are interested in additional offerings or need a larger plan, please contact us.

… and Fair. Start your Free Trial Today!

No matter which plan you choose, please check out our services first. This trial period is for free.

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