The Activity Score

The activity score measures how vivid the community of a repository is. The more user actively support the repository’s purpose, the quicker bugs are fixed, features developed, and new versions released.

As a contributor, you are probably keen to be part of an active community. You expect prompt replies to your comments and several volunteers who are eager to tackle issues. However, if you are more a lonely wolf aiming to solve all issues alone, you choose repositories with a poor activity. In any case, the activity score is decisive for you.

As a user, an active community is essential for you. In open source projects you cannot invoke customer support. All work is done on a voluntary basis. If you rely on the repository’s content, a high activity score is of vital importance for you.

The activity score takes the following indicators into account:

  • GitHub: Age [years]
  • GitHub: Last activity [min]
  • GitHub: Commits [# / week]
  • GitHub: Releases [# / month]
  • GitHub: Archiving [yes / no]

All indicators are retrieved from GitHub (sensor) using the REST API. Consecutively, reposcore processes the data automatically and calculates the activity score.

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