reposcore launched! reposcore launched!

Today, we kicked-off reposcore - hassle-free and qualified GitHub repository benchmarks!

The challenge

Are you keen to use open source software on GitHub?
If so, you are probably spending significant time identifying the most suitable repository for your needs. You have been checking out the number of contributions. You have been wondering how long it might take a bug to be fixed. You have been asking yourself how difficult the application of the code is.
It is tedious to identify mature and professionally managed repositories. Checking dozens of indicators manually before selecting the repository of your choice, takes ages and can be quite cumbersome. There must be a better way!

Life without reposcore is hard!

The solution: reposcore

And there is a better way!
Reposcore helps you to check all relevant indicators of public repositories on GitHub within seconds.
Reposcore automatically collects dozens of indicators from different sources. Those indicators are the basis for our algorithm to calculate a score. The score, however, provides insights about the repository’s capability. The main score’s name: ‘reposcore’. Various sub-scores reflect the repository’s performance in different process areas. You decide where to dig deeper and check out the repository’s indicators.

Life with reposcore is exciting!

What is in it for you?

Reposcore enables you to benchmark different repositories with one glance. Instead of wasting your precious time evaluating countless repositories on GitHub, go to and let us do the evaluation for you. Use your time to concentrate on your project but not on tedious work.

Main takeaway

We are developing reposcore to shed light into the jungle of public GitHub repositories. Take advantage of our scores to identify repositories which meet your requirements.
Order detailed reports to discover the pain points and discover the strengths of each software project. Check out reposcore for free today: