Get a clear view with reposcore

Get a clear view with reposcore

(This blog post is brought to you by reposcore - hassle-free and qualified GitHub repository benchmarks)

Today, we started a new era in software development and kicked off reposcore. Our service helps you to identify superb repositories on GitHub. Like beautiful flowers in a park.

Thousands of flowers. But which one to pick?

You are an open source enthusiast. You are eager to apply open source software on GitHub to your project. You just need to find the perfect repository for your needs.
Easier said than done. There are thousands of potentially fitting repositories out there. So, you start investigating. Number of commits? Forks? Stars? Anything useful in the Security risks?
After hours of investigation you are exhausted but back at the starting point of your research. So many beautiful flowers around you. All look promising. But you definitely need a closer look in order to differentiate the good ones from the ones that die tomorrow.

Reposcore provides guidance

We are flower experts. The best gardener you can find on this planet. We identify long-lasting flowers from the blooming hedge. We know the weak spots of repositories and their strong points. In order to provide guidance, we developed reposcore.
reposcore automatically collects dozens of indicators from different sources to evaluate repositories. Those indicators are the basis for our algorithms to calculate scores. The scores, however, provide insights about the repository’s capability with respect to popularity, activity, security, and several other process areas. All scores are calculated into one main score, the so-called ‘reposcore’.

What is in it for you?

reposcore enables you to benchmark different repositories with one glance. Instead of wasting your precious time evaluating countless repositories on GitHub, go to reposcore and let us do the evaluation for you. Use your time to concentrate on your project or just enjoy the park with the gorgeous flowers.

Next step: Try out

As we curious for your feedback, we decided to offer reposcore for free for a limited duration. Check out our service and feel free to share your thoughts. Any feedback is appreciated and helps us to further develop reposcore. Thank you!

reposcore is a service of BitAdvocates.

Thousands of beautiful flowers