Attackers are waiting: Order reposcore services now!

Attackers are waiting: Order reposcore services now!

As a manager, you are responsible for the business success. In this blog post, I want to draw your attention to the risks of attackers harming your business. Those risks may come with open source software. Our reposcore service are capable to mitigate them.

Open source software fosters growth

71% of German cooperations use open source software in their products. For larger cooperations with more than 2,000 employees, the ratio is even higher at 87%. The main motivation is savings (source: Open source software thus plays a decisive role in the growth strategy of cooperations. One of the strategic pillars on which cooperations are based is open source software.

Open source software carries a risk

Open source software is developed by a diverse, distributed community. The advantage of open source can turn into a major risk: you do not know the developers. Some may be experts, others beginners. Some enjoy coding high-quality code, others do not have safety-critical applications in mind and take a quickly smeared coding approach. Some of the developers share our values and are socialized in democratic countries, others pursue different goals. The use of open source code is free. However, using bad code in our cooperations is not free of charge.

Security risk, example Log4j

A security vulnerability in the Java login library Log4j was discovered in 12/2021. Attackers were able to execute arbitrary code on the host system. Apple, Twitter, Steam, Amazon were affected. The National Vulnerability Database rated the threat “10.0 critical”. Source:, (CVE-2021-44228).

Reposcore mitigates risks

With reposcore you identify open source projects that are active. Those repositories excel their selves by identifying vulnerabilities quickly and fixing bugs in short time. Our holistic analysis of Github repositories allows you to focus on your customer projects and grow your business.

You are responsible for the business

Flourish your business is your primary responsibility. Do not waste your energy struggling with crappy open source software. Invest little money inreposcore services and build your company on a solid foundation.

Try it out now, it is free!