Alarmed by Log4j? Take the risk seriously!

Alarmed by Log4j? Take the risk seriously!

Focussing on customers and revenue you have to ensure that risks are under control. Let us discuss in this blog post a risk with a high probability to happen, and a high severity. Let us also discuss how to mitigate it.

Take your gut feeling on vulnerabilities seriously

When it comes to open source software we are talking about a double edged sword. Open source software is not only the basis of modern software. It may also be entry gate to attackers into your system. The security threat linked to Log4j is only one prominent example. Discovered in 12/2021, it is still affecting businesses as of today. “Attackers will attack, what matters is if we’re ready,” says David Wheeler, director of open-source supply chain security at the Linux Foundation. “Too many software development organizations didn’t focus on developing and distributing secure software.”

It is your responsibility to ensure sustainable business

Security vulnerabilities, however, endanger your business. A simple bug, like Log4j, is capable to close your business for weeks. Development down. Production down. Delivery down. Revenue down. Customer relationship destroyed. Therefore, it is important to act immediately.

Do not let crappy open source software harm your career

In best case, open source software saves money, speeds up development, and ensures that your software projects are successful. In worst case, open source software destroys your career. Your managers may hold you accountable for legal aspects (missing licenses), for poor quality (low test coverage), and numerous vulnerabilities (inactive community).

Reposcore helps you to identify reliable open source software

It is not just about security. Missing software licenses may be a legal risk. Contributing parties may work from sanctioned countries. Shiny projects may be inactive. Etc. Reposcore analysis Github repositories thoroughly and holistically. You get a 360° view on open source code and can take fact-based decisions.

Let us analyze open source software for you

Better be safe than sorry. Better order a reposcore service right now. You benefit from low subscription rates. You take advantage of continuous feature development.

Try it out now, it is free!